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Dallas/Fort Worth based artist, Michelle Long, is passionate about expressing emotion through her sensual charcoal drawings.  She is inspired by the effects that our society has on her as a woman.  Michelle takes images from popular ads and recreates them to reveal her feelings and awareness of how women are represented and seen today.

Michelle Long believes that we communicate through the use of our hands, so hands are always present in her work.  After, breaking both of her wrists and tearing tendons, Michelle strongly appreciates the power of her hands.

Michelle Long is driven by her art teachings of children and adults in pre-schools, public schools, and colleges.  She is also encouraged by the issues and playfulness of the many foster and adopted children who have come into her home.  Michelle is a Mother in a diverse family and their social obstacles impact her artwork.

Michelle Long also, speaks to her viewers through her colorful paintings and mosaics.

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